The Best Rubber Watch Straps to Buy for Your Luxury Watch


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Okay we get it, this is going to be a very biased article based on the fact the rubber watch straps are made by GearFav. I’m sorry, but when we believe in a product that works we just have to shout about it!

Last year (2017) after finding it difficult to find affordable rubber watch straps that had an ounce of trust, we decided to launch our own.

Our Diver Silicone Rubber Watch Straps are textured in a sport style for comfort and durability using a premium sourced silicone rubber material. The design of the straps improve airflow around the wrist (so it isn’t restricted) and prevent slipping. We chose to go with a thick material for our rubber straps because quite frankly the flimsy straps on the market right now just weren’t up to the mark when it came to securing larger watches.

The straps come in shades of black, blue and grey (blue being our favourite) and work well with most watches (Lug width of 20mm, 22mm or 24mm). As standard we included a quick spring which makes it easy to attach on to your watch.

For £12.99 we think it’s a pretty decent deal, and you can get it next day!

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