How to Save Money on Phone Charges Abroad


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Daniel Jeffery, a resident of the UK, was on a work trip to Dubai. As he returned back after 4 days, he was handed a phone bill of almost £18,000. It was a shock. Daniel was absolutely unaware he was being charged this outrageously while on roaming.

Mobile Phone Data Usage Roaming Abroad

“It wasn’t as if I was downloading films or streaming television programmes. I was mainly checking emails and opening CV attachments,” he stated to the Times.

As someone who works in recruitment, this was one of the common trips Daniel makes outside of the country. And fact is, there are many people who’ve been in Daniel’s shoes – only because they made the slight mistake of not being cautious about their data usage while abroad.

We all know a steep bill is on the cards when you’ve been using data abroad. But to prevent this from happening, there’s several steps that can be taken. In this article, we break down all the steps you can take to avoid being in a similar situation to Daniel!

Buy A Local Sim

Buy a local sim card - Roaming Charges

If you’ve decided to stay in a country for more than just a few days, it’s a worthy investment to just get a local sim. This will help you be unabashed about how much data you want to use abroad, as well as saving a significant amount of money. If you don’t have a dual sim phone and are worried about missing calls or messages – just set the forwarding number to the local sim number you’ve bought. This will redirect every call and message you receive to your new local number. WhatsApp, an app you’ll probably be using a lot abroad, also allows you to change your number so that you can set up a new one. It’s a win-win situation!


Turn Your Phone Off

Mobile Phone - Roaming Charges

There’s two primary reasons people go abroad – on work, or on holiday. If your case happens to be the latter, it’d be most convenient to just take your sim off altogether. This will help save you from any lurking charges on data and also allow you to enjoy your holiday abroad without any unnecessary distractions. Of course, for all the time you do want to call someone up or message them – you can use online services like WhatsApp or Facebook or Skype instead of your network.


Limit The Apps That Can Access Mobile Data

Mobile Apps - Data Roaming Charges

If you’re looking for a savvy way to cut down on mobile data usage without having to shut down your phone or buy a new SIM – this is the way to go. There are certain apps on your phone that use more data than others. They often use up data in the background, too – hence leaving you no way to know when they’re active. You can identify the apps on your phone that consume the most data by checking your data usage. Both Android and iOS allow the option to selectively turn off mobile data for specific apps. Voil√†! Problem solved.


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