A Pool Party Inflatable Toy for the Vampire Inside You


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What has reviewing gear and gadgets come to? Who invented this? Why do I want it so much? Yes it is indeed correct, a pool party inflatable toy for vampires has been created – the perfect floating coffin for your summer fun.

Pom Pom Floats: Pink Coffin

What happens when you cross a Vampire with an Ibiza-loving party animal? This Pom Pom Floats Pink Coffin.

Launched on Kickstarter, alongside many other wonderful & sometimes wacky inventions, two designers named Andrew Greenbaum and Ian Felton (not Vlad the Impaler unfortunately) have created a mesh between art and pool party functionality.

On their campaign, the guys state; “Pom Pom wants to create more objects that exhibit this type of work along with collaborations with other artists world wide. The Pink Coffin Pool Toy is the first of many doses that Pom Pom plans to unleash onto the world.

Pom Pom Floats: Pink Coffin Travel

Inflatable coffin

Where and when can you get it?

You’ll have to ‘pledge’ at least $120 to the project if you want to pick one of these bad boys up..but delivery isn’t until October. Well then, Summer 2018 ruined. If you want to upgrade your coffin to a more premium inflatable, then you can get the Gold or Clear one for $399 – costing more than some people’s holidays.

It’s a lot for an inflatable toy we have to admit – but on a serious note the designers have degrees in industrial design & I’m sure with all the costs to develop and make these things, it’s worth a good laugh and a relax on your holiday.

Take a look at their Kickstarter campaign here.

Some are calling it “Pastel Goth Summer Vibes”

We like the sound of that.

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