You Might Want to Swap Your Bose Headphones for these Guys


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You’re an avid fan of the Bose headphones, we get it. Bose have owned the high quality headphone market for quite sometime and any new guy on the block would have trouble knocking them out the water. But AKG is no new guy, and their Wireless Bluetooth NFC headphones pack a punch.

AKG Headphones Samsung

AKG is an acoustics engineering company that was founded in 1947, almost 20 years before Bose. Known for its superior microphones and studio equipment, the company is owned by the leading technology manufacturer; Samsung.

The latest range of headphones from AKG boast impressive performance and sound experience. Including the N700NC wireless. Available online in the next coming months, the AKG N700NC is stunning in design with active noise cancellation, ambient aware technology and 20 hours of play back battery.


The AKG K550

When it comes to the wider collection, we recommend the K550MKIII‘s. With award-winning sound that’s deep in bass and rich in mid-range, you can enjoy a personal and private listening experience.

The K550 features a closed back design and closed ear cups so that you can truly emerge yourself in the music, whilst the 2D axis design allows for easy storage.

They very much in-line with Bose’s SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II, although the flat folding ability and award-winning sound experience from AKG sets the two apart. We found them to be a more comfortable fit and were surprised by how convenient they were to carry. They do weigh nearly twice as much as the Bose Soundlink Headphones, but we think it’s a compromise worth having.


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