What to Expect from the New GoPro Hero7 Cameras


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We have a lot of love for action cameras and how they’ve changed our Kodak holiday snaps to visual masterpieces. You can read about the competitor to the GoPro here.

GoPro Hero7 Black

The guys and girls at GoPro have been leading the way for action filming – whether it be underwater or up in the air. If you’re a hardcore GoPro fan like some of the guys here, you’ll be aware that there were a few leaks of the upcoming cameras. These were never officially revealed, until now.

The new Hero7 cameras are a family-built unit of three. Consisting of the GoPro Hero7 Black, GoPro Hero7 Silver and GoPro Hero7 White, of which are ordered from the top-range camera to the lower level. Although this family consists of three, the similarities in the Hero6 make it more of a twin and less like a distant cousin.

Named as the “the simplest GoPro cameras ever”, they’re in-built with voice commands so you don’t have to press a button to start filming. Which is handy for those trying to scratch at their helmets to get the camera to film.

All three of the new Hero7’s are also rugged, waterproof and feature WIFI connectivity as expected.

GoPro Hero7 Black White Silver

Diving into the technicalities, the GoPro Hero7 Black delivers hypersmooth video, which is said to provide results similar to a gimble, without the gimble. The camera predicts your movements and then corrects the camera to avoid shakes. This feature, topped with 4K filming at 60fps, means you can expect cinematic quality, ready for your TV.

The Hero7 and Hero6 don’t differ very much when it comes to protection. Waterproof up to 10m, you might not be able to do any deep-dwelling, but it’s good enough for most surfers. The design also doesn’t differ, both featuring the same button positions and LCD touch screen.

The camera on the other hand shows a considerable difference thanks to Hero7’s SuperPhoto mode which intelligently applies HDR, local tone mapping and noise reduction to optimize photos. Ensuring that the images are as crystal clear as possible despite the rushed snap.

So how much can you expect to pay for the family of three?

GoPro Hero 7 Black – £379.99

GoPro Hero 7 Silver – £279.99

GoPro Hero White – £179.99

You can expect considerable differences in filming and picture quality when it comes to the lower level 7s. For example the Silver records in 4K HD in 30fps whilst the White is just Full HD. The silver and white also don’t feature the SuperPhoto mode which boasts stunning pictures.



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