Tony Stark’s Coffee Machine is Every Nerd’s Dream


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We get it, you’re sick and tired of doing the same morning time routine. The alarm goes off, you jump out of bed, and hit that coffee machine to; on. But what if you could start your day off like a superhero? What if you could be Tony Stark himself?

Meet his coffee machine.

The official Robert Downey Jr, or Tony Stark for us Marvel fans, has shared this picture on Facebook that shows off a coffee machine shaped with the head of Iron Man along with a Stark Industries Mug.

From first looks, it seems like just a novelty that’s been created by a fan, but it turns out the mean coffee making machine can be bought on Amazon.

Tony Stark’s coffee machine makes use of capsules or ground coffee, brews with the touch of one button, and allows you to choose a 8 or 10 ounce brew volume.

It really isn’t as tech-savvy as you might expect from an Iron Man coffee machine, but the fact that it functions and can serve coffee whilst still looking like a superhero is good enough for us.

Unfortunately it’s only available in the US, but I’m sure it can fly over if you love it enough.

Iron Man Coffee Capsule

Iron Man Tony Stark Coffee Machine

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