This Temperature-Controlled Mug Will Mean You Never Have to Reheat Your Coffee


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There will always be a time when you make yourself a coffee, leave it on the side to leave it to cool down and then proceed to forget about it until 30 minutes after when it’s stone cold and tastes like an ice cold brew that’s been thrown against the wall.

Ember Coffee Mug

Keeping a coffee at just the right temperature is a tough job. When you wait for your first sip to be just right, it’s all down hill from there and proceeds to get colder as your TV show goes by.

The Ember Travel Mug seemingly ends this problem. Previously running an exclusive partnership with Starbucks back in 2016, this coffee assistant connects to an app on your mobile phone. Using the app, you can remotely change the temperature, “name your mug”, create presets and add notifications. Strange for a mug right?

Ember Coffee Mug

Ember has introduced the world’s most advanced mug for coffee or tea. Using patented technology, it will keep your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature all day long.

There’s no buttons or instructions on the mug and it can store 350ml of coffee with a 2 hour charge. About as much as a can of Coke.

Imagine sitting at your desk, realizing you’ve left your coffee for half an hour, and then just being able to heat it up on your smart watch without moving.

The piece of tech will set you back £118.84 which for a lot of people is a ridiculous price, but for some it might all be worth it if you don’t have to keep heading to the microwave.

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