These Sunglasses Block out TV and Laptop Screens

Imagine a world where television, mobile phones and laptop screens were a thing of the past. We’re so attached to the virtual screen that studies suggest we spend more time looking at a screen than we do sleeping.

Crazy isn’t it? You don’t really notice it. You’re doing it right now, staring at images that don’t actually exist. We are so focused on the reality of the new virtual reality, that we forget how augmented our lives already are. But what if this could be switched off? What if we could not just switch off our TVs and mobile phones for ourselves, but actually block it all out from everything we come in contact with?

IRL Glasses - Screen blocking glasses

Well, these glasses do exactly that, block screens.

Scott Blew was standing in line for some food in Los Angeles, when a glaring screen showing off Fox News caught his attention. As a long term entrepreneur and engineer, he wondered how could he get about with his life with the constant visual noise?

With this demand came the IRL glasses.

IRL glasses uses the concept of  ‘Casper Privacy Film’ which was initially created by a company called Steelcase. The aim of the privacy film was to make the office a little more private, especially with open desks and meeting rooms a norm in offices. This privacy film would be what Blow utilized to create the glasses.

IRL Glasses Blocking Screens

Using this idea and the need to log out of the virtual world, Scott Blew got in contact with Steelcase to order himself some samples of the film.

It took a total of 6 different sunglasses to finalise the design that we see now. This consisted of a year of testing, manufacturing and testing again. The end product might not be the most stylish, but you won’t get any funny looks wearing them.

Think you’ve seen these glasses before?

Well they’re inspired by the 1988 cult classic film, ‘THEY LIVE,’ where a magical pair of glasses blocks ads. The glasses might not be the most stylish of eyewear but, with UV-blocking included, they’re functional on more than just one level.

IRL Glasses TV Blocking

How does they work?

According to Blew and friends;

“IRL Glasses block LCD/LED screens through horizontal polarized optics”

“By flattening and rotating the polarized lens 90 degrees, light emitted by LCD/LED screens is blocked, making it look like the TV or computer in front of you is off.”

IRL Glasses Blocking Screens

Giving you a digital detox from the abundance of screens, users will immediately notice an epidemic of vanishing screens. No magic effects, no special effects – the sunglasses actually work.

Where can I get them?

The sunglasses are currently in Beta stage and you can support the Kickstarter campaign here. Since they are in beta stage, they aren’t exactly finalised. Despite being able to block LCD tv screens, they don’t yet work with smartphones and some LCD screens might be exempt.

Still, it’s an exciting product which could allow us to remove ourselves from the virtual world and keep at least some of our sanity.

Thanks Scott, we owe you!

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