The Ultimate Vertical Docking Station for Macbooks


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There are plenty of docking stations for Macbooks available that will keep your Macbook connected, out of the way and in safe hands. Yet for the Macbook enthusiast and those looking to provide the ultimate setup for their Apple computer, the vertical docking station by Brydge beats them all.

Brydge have been making accessories for Apple devices since 2012, including hubs, keyboards and cases with the latest accessory being the Vertical Dock.

Bryde’s Vertical Dock

The vertical docking station from Brydge is sleek in design and opens up a considerable amount of space for your desk in comparison to your average docking station.

Built with a solid metal chassis, the docking station allows for easy one-handed docking and undocking. As well as an inside liner that moves so you can avoid the annoying game of “why can’t I get it to connect properly at 2am when I can’t see”.

Not only is the Brydge docking station sleek in design, but it’s also considerably efficient with 2 USB-C ports at 40GBs per second, making it the ultimate docking machine no matter what you need to connect to the Macbook.

One major issue with normal docking stations is the amount of space and cables it can take up when connecting it alongside your Macbook. As well as this, connecting various devices to your Macbook is power-consuming and can lead to frequent overheating. With this in mind, the Vertical Dock eliminates this problem with intake and exhaust vents that move additional air to the computer. Therefore ensuring that the heat from your laptop is managed appropriately.

The Vertical Dock from Brydge comes in various sizes that works for either 16-inch, 15-inch or 13-inch Macbook Pros, as well as one for a 13-inch Macbook Air.

If this seems liking the Macbook accessory for you, then you can find the docking stations, along with other accessories, are available on Amazon for £149.99

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