Meet The Thinnest Wireless Iphone Charger


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If you’re keeping up with the charging times, you might already be charging your phone through wireless. Whether it be in-built within your compact SUV or sitting beside your bed, wireless chargers are becoming increasingly popular and manufacturer Peel have made this piece of tech thinner than your phone.

Thin Wireless Iphone Charger

Coming in at a reasonable £37 GBP – The aptly named ‘The Super Thin Wireless Charger’ has put Peel’s foot strongly in the door for the wireless charging trend.

The Super Thin Wireless Charger comes in two colour (or shade) options of black & white and is made from a leather that is soft and scratch-free. When asked how thin the device is, Peel stated that it’s “almost invisible” and considering how hard it is to showcase this charger in photo form, rightly so. Around the underside is a rubbery material lining to ensure it is slip-free on your table or desk.

In comparison to rival wireless chargers, it has a strong charging rate of 7.5w for Iphone devices and 10w for Android devices. The 6 feet long cable allows for a long distance, making it easy to maneuver around furniture to find that hidden plug.

You can shop the product and other accessories directly from their site:


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