The Sun-Chasing Robot that Looks After The Plant on its Head


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Ever leave your plant on the window sill for you to only realize that you’ve left it on the northern side of your house and absolutely 0 sunlight is getting to it? Keeping an indoor plant alive can be a surprising bit of effort.

Sun-chasing robot

But what if you didn’t have to? What if your plant could find that sunlight itself instead of having to stretch, wind or just end up dying? Well thanks to Chinese roboticist and entrepreneur Sun Tianqi, a six-legged toy robot has been invented that carrys this potted plant on its head to help chase the sunlight.

Made by his company Vincross, this crab-like looking, spider walking robot moves towards the sunshine when the plant needs sunlight, and back towards the shade when it’s had enough. An intelligent piece of tech & nobody can quite explain how it works.

Sun-shine chasing robot

Robot chases sun-shine with plant on head

If moving in and away from sunlight isn’t impressive enough, tapping on the robot will make it do a playful ‘dance’ & if it’s run out of water it’ll do a ‘stomp’ action like it’s having a bit of a tantrum.

Sun Tianqi was inspired by seeing a dead sunflower at an exhibition that was sitting in the shadows for an unknown reason and has been working on designs since 2014 of which he describes the project as “Sharing Human Technology with Plants”



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