The Pocket-Sized Projector You Need for Your Movie Time


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How about having your own little cinema in your living room? One that can even play directly from your phone onto the big screen?

MP-CD1 Mobile Projector

When you think about a projector, you think of a big chunky, noisy machine that is probably cooped up in your attic collecting dust. Perhaps you’re an avid user and it’s sitting right next to you now, but how much space is it taking up?

With innovation comes smaller technology, and projectors aren’t excluded. You can now pick up mini pico-projectors from around £300, including the Sony MP-CD1 (Priced at approx £380).

Rated as our favourite pico-projector, this super-slim piece of tech weighs only 280 grams and is just shy 6″ long – small enough to fit in your back pocket. For its size, the projector works impressively in well-lit rooms with a brightness of 105 lumens and a display resolution of 854 × 480 for easy viewing experience.

You aren’t going to get the largest screen or highest quality with the projector, but it comes with a HDMI cable to allow HD media streaming.

The projector works well with mobile devices and gaming consoles, with a start-up time of 5 seconds & can connect via wireless.

The only downside for the price could be the 2 hours worth of battery life, with some of your movies being cut short if it isn’t plugged in – but for the size we think we can let this go.

Fancy something with a bigger punch? The LSPX-P1 comes in 720p, built-in speakers & a display resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. You can pick this up for £899.

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