The Magnetic Mount You Need For Your Tablet


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This premium magnetic modular mount from NKMOS has been designed in Australia with years of brainstorming and development to be a comfortable and functional solution for holding your smartphone & tablets.

The magentic mount seams like a fairly simple concept, dual-ended suction cups to hold onto your device and a surface, along with magnetic ball joints for movability – however it is surprising how seamless the construct is and I’m not quite sure how we’ve all gone through using tablets without it.

Magnetic Modular Mount

NKMOS ‘s magnetic mount is useful for attaching to kitchen surfaces when you’re reading up instructions for cooking up a mean meal, placing on a desk for hands-free conference calls, and even useful for holding up your Nintendo Switch if you love a bit of gaming.

NKMOS - Ipad Stand

NKMOS are innovators in mobile accessories and have previously design an AirStand to hold up devices with pure grip, physics & friction hinges, although we think the magentic mount is just ever so slightly cooler.

The premium magnetic modular mount is currently on Kickstarter with £6,100 pledged out of the £2,814 goal. Take a look!

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