The Honor 10 Steps Into the Limelight


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Stepping away from its parent company, Huawei, the Honor 10 is the bright blue AI powered mobile phone that comes at an easy-to-discover price point.

Honor 10 Mobile Phone Review

With the Honor 10 making a name for itself away from Huawei, it’s easy to forget that this contender in mobile phone technology is so young.

Taking a look at the Honor 10 in person, you’re immediately struck by its’ Aurora glass design which is curved in a way to reflect live vivid colours. It’s a phone that wants to stand out and it does a good job doing so. The screen is a massive 5.84 inch in size with 19:9 Honor FullViewDisplay, slightly bigger than the IPhone X despite describing itself as “perfect for one handed grip” – I don’t think I could hold one of these in one hand..

Inside this mobile is 24MP+16MP New Dual AI Camera to take you from amateur to professional, this camera recognises faces, scenery and lighting to produce the perfect image. Facial modelling also allows for the perfect selfie.

Away from the camera, you can find a battery that charges to 50% in 25 minutes, a microphone that reduces background noise when speaking over the phone and an ultrafast finger print sensor.

Honor 10 Ai Camera

So how much for all these features? In the same league as the cost of the IPhone X?
£399. More than half the cost of the Apple competitor.


For the price and bundled with all these features, we think it’s a phone that’s worth it.

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