The Camera for the Instagrammer : Polaroid OneStep+ Instant Camera

Don’t let this camera’s retro design and photography style fool you, the Polaroid OneStep+ is built with advanced features for your Instagram worthy prints.

The latest camera to set foot outside of Polaroid Original’s factory doors is the Polaroid OneStep+. This analog instant camera lets you to take Polaroid Originals 600 and i-Type film for the old school vibe you’ve been looking for.

Despite the classic style however, this camera is packed full of the latest technology, including bluetooth technology to tap right into your smartphone. With the Polaroid Onestep+ you’ll be able to take those spontaneous bestie selfies with a range of filters thanks to the Polaroid app. In-built with 6 creative tools, you can change the lighting features, double exposure and more for the shot you want.

Polaroid OneStep Plus Instant Camera

Back to the camera itself, the in-built technology makes it a durable camera with a high performance lithium-ion battery, Vacuum discharge tube strobe flash system and a close-up lens for portrait shots.

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