The Best Wireless Charger for Multiple Devices


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Wireless chargers are becoming an increasing normality in the everyday household. With the changing technology of smart phones and tablets comes the excessive need to keep it all juiced up. But despite the flurry of wireless chargers available on the market, wireless chargers than can handle multiple devices aren’t all that available.

NORDMÄRKE Triple Wireless Charging Pad

The NORDMÄRKE is a triple wireless charging pad made by the guys at Ikea. As you can tell by the name, this Swedish designed wireless charger can charge up to three devices at one time (with a USB outlet for a fourth). The pad itself is a futuristic and clear white with ‘+’ indicator signs, with an option to add a gorgeous birch finish around the outside.

Ikea Wireless Charger

The NORDMÄRKE wireless charger will support the majority of phones that allow for wireless charging including the latest iPhone XS.

It’s about time you stopped lurking around for a wire to charge your phone, and instead opt-in for a simple surface rest. If you don’t fancy the triple wireless charging unit from IKEA, they also do singular ones which are just as stylish.

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