The Best Motorcycle Helmets Under £100


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As the most essential piece of gear for riding, it’s important to invest in a motorcycle helmet that will protect you on the road. Despite the need for protection, not everyone can afford the top of the range helmets. There’s a whole market of motorcycle helmets under £100 that can have a lot of us riders worried about our safety, so choosing the right one is crucial.

Affordable Motorcycle Helmet Under £100

Be sure to replace your helmet every 5 years.

Shox Sniper Solid Motorcycle Helmet

Shox Sniper Solid Motorcycle Helmet

With a 5 point ventilation system, this £42 full-face motorcycle helmet allows cool air to enter and rear exhaust vents to allow the warm air to leave.

The brand’s first helmet to enter the UK, the Shox Sniper is made from advanced polycarbonate with a highly aerodynamic shell. Helping it to meet ECER 22.05 standards. It also features micro metric retention system and a multi-positional clear & anti-scratch visor, providing hassle-free visibility on the road.

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Black Optimus SV Max Vision Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet

Black Optimus SV Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet

The Black Optimus SV Max Vision is a comfortable choice of helmet with its micrometric adjustment buckle and single button flip-up operation.

Protection might be the number one priority when it comes to a motorcycle helmet, however comfort comes up very close, and Optimus doesn’t cut corners. The chin bar can be raised and lowered with just one hand whilst the adjustment buckle allows for different fits. Coming in at an affordable price of £58.39, this helmet stands high on our under £100 list.

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Leopard LEO-838 Motorcycle Helmet

Leopard LEO-838 Safari Motorcycle Helmet

Fitted with an outer clear visor & inner drop down sun visor – the Leopard LEO-838 Motorcycle Helmet is an easily accessible and comfortable option for the casual riders. Under £50, the helmet is also fitted with single button unlock flip-up operation, a highly aerodynamic shell design for protection and adjustable chin strap.

The Leopard LEO-838 also comes in 5 different colours for those looking to style out their gear.

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Viper Skull Motorcycle Helmet

Viper Skull Motorcycle Helmet

This high quality motorcycle helmet might be a little bit on the rattly side when it comes to wind noise, but it’s strong and durable exterior makes it a worthy purchase. The Viper Skull motorcycle helmet features a fully removable soft-fit inner liner and multiple venting points. Meaning you can remain comfortable throughout your ride.

It might be a little bit boring on the design side and doesn’t work very well when it comes to wind noise reduction, but it’s still worthy of our list.

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