The Best LED Ring Lights Under £50


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With TikTok dance videos and funny skits taking over the internet the past few months, it’s no wonder why popularity around ring lights, phone mounts and LED lights has fiercely risen.

LED ring lights vastly improve the quality of video and photography content with the ability to turn a dull and dark video into a bright and easy-to-see viral sensation.

You don’t necessarily need a ring light to improve your video content, any studio light, torch or portable floodlight, if positioned correctly, can improve how your videos appear to others.

However, LED ring lights have a recognisable glow about them with the ring being easily seen in the eyes of every TikToker. Therefore, for the sake of finding the most affordable ring light for your next ‘Tok’, we’ve taken a look at the best LED ring lights under £50.

1. Elegiant 10.2″ LED Ring Light

First up on the list is the Elegiant LED 10.2″ LED Ring Light. This LED ring light comes with 160pcs LED beads, providing 1600 lumen across 3 different light modes and 11 levels of brightness. With an integrated tripod for your phone, this ring light is perfect for your TikTok videos, YouTube tutorials or makeup videos.

The stand is 360 degrees rotatable and the clamp works on all iPhone and most Samsung phones we’ve tried. The light also comes with a nifty controller that allows you to change the brightness modes without having to move or adjust the light itself.

2. Vevice LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Next up is the Vevice LED Ring Light which is an affordable 10″ dimmable ring light with 3 colour modes and 10 levels of brightness.

This ring light has very similar features to the Elegiant ring light but is slightly more expensive. It features a controller just like the ring light before, as well as colour options, tripod for your phone and is 360 degrees rotatable with a ‘ball head’ that allows for flexible tilt options.

3. GUSGU 10.2″ LED Ring Light

Gusgu LED Ring Light

The GUSGU 10.2″ LED Ring Light has a smaller stand the previously mentioned ring lights, but comes with the same 10.2″ lighting seen in the Elegiant. The LED light has 3 colour mode options, a 360 degree rotatable ball head and a mount for your phone.

What sets this ring light apart from the rest is that it comes with a bluetooth remote control so you can start and stop recording without even having to touch your phone.

4. Profo 6″ LED Ring Light

Finally on our list is the Profo 6″ LED Ring Light that is the most affordable option but is considerably smaller. Whilst the actual light is considerably smaller than the other products listed, the tripod extension on the Profo reaches a noteworthy 1 metre in height. Not only that, but it comes with the bluetooth remote control and controller on the wire as well.

The only other downside to this tripod is that it doesn’t feature the phone mount that the other ring lights come with, however if you’re not using this for videos, or if you’ve got your own mount, then this could be the best option for you.

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