The Best IPhone XS Cases To Buy


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Apple have only just launched news of the IPhone XS last week, but we’re already starting to see IPhone XS cases pop-up from some of the leading manufacturers.

IPhone XS Cases Review

It’s without a doubt, due to the glass back case of the latest IPhone, buyers will be looking to protect it as tightly as possible. From leather back designs to cushioned cases, IPhone XS cases will be popping up everywhere. But how can this possibly be?

Well, the IPhone XS and and IPhone X are exactly the same in shape and size, so your IPhone X case will already be able to fit an IPhone XS. It’s easy for manufacturers to develop on a case that they know will fit the new phone.

Despite this, we wanted to give you a guide on the best phone case to buy for your IPhone XS.


Spigen Tough Armor IPhone XS Case

 Spigen [Tough Armor] iPhone Xs Case, iPhone X Case 5.8 inch with Kickstand and Extreme Heavy Duty Protection and Air Cushion Technology

Spigen is well-known in the ‘mobile protection industry’ for developing slim cases in different forms. As one of the most popular IPhone accessory brands, they’ve already developed a range of IPhone XS cases including liquid air armor, ultra hybrid and tough armor. All based off of their IPhone X range.

The tough armor tops our list with its two layers of drop protection, form-fitted design for grip and air cushion technology. Spigen have created a case that is stylish and extremely durable, putting you at ease when it comes to your new IPhone.


i-Blason Full-Body Rugged IPhone XS Case

iPhone X case, i-Blason [Ares] Full-body Rugged Clear Bumper Case with Built-in Screen Protector for Apple iPhone X 2017 iPhone Xs 2018 Release

If you’re looking for a tough cookie that will take concrete head-on then the i-Blason full-body rugged is for you. With 360 degree protection, you won’t have to worry about dropping your phone on its side, back or screen. Its in-built protective front casing protects your screen from scratches whilst its fortified wraparound bumper made of shock-absorbent TPU materials keeps the rest protected.


Rssviss Leather Wallet Flip IPhone XS Case

Rssviss iPhone XS X Case,iPhone 10 Case, Leather Wallet Flip Phone Cover Case - Viewing Stand - Card Slots - Bill Compartment - Magnetic Closure - Red 5.8"

Sometimes a phone case with just the back to it is just not enough. This Rssviss IPhone XS case comes in a leather wallet style that might just tickle your fancy.

The durable PU leather and flexible TPU inner shell offers full body protection without looking bulky and unappealing. It also comes with neat compartments for your credit cards as well as an adjustable kickstand so you can watch Prime on the train. The case comes in three colours; red, brown and black.


MATEPROX Crystal Clear IPhone XS Case

MATEPROX iPhone Xs Case iPhone X Case Crystal Clear Cover with Soft Shock-Absorption

Don’t particularly like phone cases? A crystal clear case might just be for you. Despite offering arguably less protection than other cases on our list, the MATEPROX IPhone XS case is a great way of protecting your phone without the change of appearance. It’s shock absorbing, scratch resistant and watermark-resistant so very capable of protecting your brand new purchase.

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