The Best Folding Bike Helmets You Can Buy


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We’re not talking about helmets for folding bikes – that would just be a helmet. We’re talking about bike helmets that can fold down into an easy and compact space. Perfect for commuting.

Morpher Folding Bike Helmet Review

With a continued focus on developing bikes to compact down into the smallest places possible, we worry less about how we can compact our helmets down too.

Helmets’ top priority is safety and despite the foldable nature of folding helmets, they have to meet a safety standard to sell. There is a frequent worry of changing the aspect of a helmet as these standards are crucial, so design can sometimes be limited. However these top folding helmets meet the standards whilst still fitting in your backpack.


Morpher Folding Bike Helmet

Morpher Folding Bike Helmet

The Morpher Folding Bike Helmet is a multi-award winning piece of kit. The helmet is safe, quick and convenient – flat folding into a backpack and even some laptop cases. It boasts to be the only helmet in the world that folds into a flat shape. The helmet is a little on the pricey side, but worth it for functionality.


Biologic Pango Helmet

Biologic Folding Bike Helmet

The Biologic Pango Folding Bike Helmet can fold up into 50% of its size with the sliding side exterior. Its urban design with removable vents helps to protect against insects whilst riding and the Fidlock closures means you can open or close it with one hand.


Lid Folding Helmet

LID Folding Bike Helmet

This foldable bike helmet from LID compacts to 67% of its helmet size by pushing sliders in/out of the exterior. It’s safety standard approved to the same level as a standard bike helmet and comes with a chargeable clip-on rear light. We love how customisable this helmet is with up to five colour choices and comfort adjustments.


Overade Plixi

Overade Plixi Folding Bike Helmet

Folding in on itself, the Overade Plixi Folding Bike Helmet is stylish looking helmet that sits on your helmet as comfortable as a standard helmet. The helmet features adjustable straps with chin protection, extra fitting pads and a fabric pouch so that you are comfortably safe on your commute. The Overade Plixi comes in a total of three colours; blue, black and white – whilst boasting a compaction size of one third of its size.

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