The Best Electric Scooters Under £500


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Electric scooters have become an increasingly popular mode of transport since the pandemic. With a lot of commuters dropping public transport out of safety reasons, many have taken to the land of electric commuting to help aide their travels to work.

Whether it be an electric bike, boosted boards or electric scooters, the market is fierce as we opt for a more greener and sustainable way of travel.

Therefore, in order to help you pick the right electric scooter for you, we’ve put together a list of what we think is the best electric scooters under £500.

1. Xiaomi Electric Scooter Mi M365

Xiaomi is probably the most iconic brand when it comes to electric scooters, developing a range of premium scooters that you’ll be sure to spot all across London and cities in Europe.

The Pro range of the Xiaomi electric scooters comes at a hefty price just short of £625.00, however you’ll be happy to know that despite the premium brand, they’ve released a ‘young brother’ of the Pro that’s priced at a more affordable £480.00.

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter Mi M365 is a quality-built electric scooter that reaches a reasonable 15.5 mph, travels just over 18 miles in a single charge and weighs only 12.5 kg. What sets this scooter apart from others is the fact it comes with an app that monitors your scooters performance and provides information such as it’s average speed.

The brand itself has a built a strong reputation over the years and therefore this scooter is reliable and trustworthy for many.

2. Mtricscoto S10 Electric Scooter

The second electric scooter on our list is the Mtricscoto S10 Electric Scooter priced at an affordable £296.00. This scooter comes with a 13.6 mile range battery, 8″ Pneumatic Tires and a top speed of 15.5 miles-per-hour. Arguably taking on the position of ‘style icon’, the Mtricscoto S10 comes in a black and red colour-scheme that seems to be the craze around London.

3. Kugoo Electric Scooter

The Kugoo Electric Scooter is the fastest scooter on our list. Priced at £288.00, this electric scooter can reach a whopping 21 miles-per-hour with an option to adjust the speed modes. This means you can choose between a speed of 9.32mph, 15.53mph and 21.75mph – with the latter any commuter an early morning wake-up call.

Not only is this scooter fast, but it can also go an impressive 18.6 miles without needing to be charged and is made of aerospace-grade aluminium.

4. Kugoo S1 E-Scooter

Finally, at the end of our list is the S1 E-Scooter from Kugoo. Priced at a more affordable £249.00, this scooter is slightly slower and packs less of a punch in comparison to the newer model. Despite this, the brand is recognised as a quality maker in electric scooters and the S1 E-Scooter fits the bill all the same.

With a top speed of 15.53 miles-per-hour, this scooter can easily handle a 15-mile commute before needing to be charged up again.

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