The Best Cycling Gloves to Fight Winter


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It’s a tough road ahead when you’re 2 miles into your cycle and you start to lose the feeling in your fingertips. With the Autumn here and Winter well on its way, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about a pair of cycling gloves.

Rapha Winter Cycling Gloves

Hands suffer big time when it comes to your cycling hobby venturing into the colder periods. Without a lot shielding your hands; they have to embrace cold winds, shaking handlebars and weather that’s temperamental (Especially with the recent weather).

For the avid cyclists you’ll already be familiar with some open-finger gloves that have shown some wear and tear throughout the long summer days, but how can you choose appropriate winter cycling gloves?


What to Look for in your Winter Cycling Glove:

You’re going to want wind and waterproof cycling gloves. This is pretty common knowledge to you and me, but often or not cyclists go for gloves that just can’t hack a downpour of torrential rain.

Fabric – Gore-Tex is a prime example of a fabric that works well for cold and we conditions, so look out for it when purchasing. If you’ve found a pair that doesn’t use Gore-Tex, then look out to see if it’s suitably wind and waterproof.

Features – Some winter cycling gloves will feature insulation on the back of the hand and a thin grip material on the front. With a lot of cheap cycling gloves there’s a lack of detail to how the glove grips onto handlebars. It’s important to find a glove that keeps your hand warm without limiting the use of your fingers.

Fit – Look out for gloves where the fabric looks bunched up. To tackle the issue of insulation and keeping your hands dry, cheaper gloves will have reduced mobility in the fingers and palms. Don’t just go for the glove that looks like it’s the most snug, because often or not these will be hard to use and not fit well.

If you’re still struggling to find the gloves for you, here’s our recommendations:


1. Castelli Estremo Winter Cycling Gloves

Castelli Estremo Winter Cycling Gloves

The Castelli Estremo tops our list of the best winter cycling gloves. The word ‘Estremo’ literally translating to extreme.

With the Gore Windstopper membrane fabric, these gloves are both wind and water resistant. The inner pads on the palms create fantastic grip on the bars using sticky silicone print and you’ll be battling the cold with its featured fleece lining.

It’s a lightweight glove that’s easy to take on and off, the price might way you down, but you won’t be throwing them in the bin for a long time.


2. Endura Deluge II Winter Cycling Gloves

Endura Deluge II

The Endura Deluge II gloves are extremely lightweight with a breathable insulating interior that brings the pair to second place on our list.

These gloves are built with lightly padded gel palms, silicone print palm and finger tips for grip, as well as a wicking inner brushed tricot to move sweat and moisture from your skin.

The gloves fell down for us for not being very waterproof, despite being a major selling point.

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3. Lusso WindTex Winter Cycling Gloves

Lusso Windtex Cycling Gloves

The Lusso WinTex winter cycling gloves are waterproof, windproof and warm. Coming in at a more than affordable £29.99, these gloves work extremely well in low temperatures with its heat regulating membrane that “in addition to rejecting water and wind and maintaining the microclimate between skin and tissue, is light and elastic.”

Where these gloves fall down is the lack of movability in the thumbs, no option for touchscreen use and you have to handwash them (sheesh typical).

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4. Rapha Winter Cycling Gloves

Rapha Winter Cycling Gloves

The Rapha Winter Cycling Gloves are made from high-quality Pittards goatskin leather and high-density foam padding on the palms. You’ll be keeping warm with the fleecy polyester inner, that aren’t annoyingly difficult to get off.

The gloves may not be waterproof, however they are water repellent.

The gloves feel as good as they look, but the price point of £85 will deter a lot of people who could opt for the more affordable and just as effective Castelli Estremo.

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