The Barrington Watch Winder is The Perfect Gift for Watch Lovers


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If you’re a watch fanatic who has a passion for an Omega Seamaster or a Rolex Submariner, then you may be familiar with a watch winder.

A watch winder is a small (or large) electronic unit that winds an automatic watch when you’re not using it. Keeping the watch wound and healthy is a lot more about the aesthetic of it all rather than the actual function. Who doesn’t want to have their watch on display before they put it on?

Barrington is a UK based company that have been manufacturing watch winders for nearly 10 years. Developing winders using quality mabuchi motors, the company has a total of five types of watch winders; single watch winder, double watch winder, quad watch winder, six watch winder and the watch winder safe.


Single Watch Winder

Starting from an affordable £125, the single watch winders as the name suggest can wind one watch at a time. You’re able to change the turns per day of a watch (with a guide thanks to Barrington’s handy online database) as well as power the watch winder via AA batteries or by mains.

The single watch winder comes in a total of 7 colours which allows you to choose one that suits your home/watch.

12 Watch Winder Safe

If you’re an avid watch collector, then you might be looking at the watch safe. With a total of 12 watch holders that can be individually programmed, this is the ultimate watch safe for every watch lover. Made of steel and measuring the size of a 19 inch television (or there abouts), the 12 watch winder safe features a motion detection alarm, 4 digit pin-code system and an internal motion sensing light.

It might be over the top for some, but this is a luxury worth of investing in.

Barrington Watch Winder SafeYou can see more Barrington Watch Winders via their website.


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