The £24 Portable Bluetooth Speaker That Is Worth The Purchase


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If you’ve ever experienced buying a cheap speaker, you’ll know the agony of having to listen to sub-par music that just sounds muffled. You’re missing out on great tunes and you know it.

When this £24 bluetooth speaker popped up on our doorstep however, we were pleasantly surprised. Is it fair that it sounds this good at this price? No, but it seemingly does.

Tribit XSound Go

The Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speaker is a compact and waterproof speaker that pumps out 12 watts of loud stereo sound. With in-built bass radiators, this bluetooth speaker packs a punch and is small enough to carry in a large coat pocket.

Myself and bluetooth speakers have had a bit of a love hate relationship when it comes to battery life. Often or not I’ve found myself charging every three hours. With the Tribit XSound however, it manages to last 24 hours without charge.

So there’s something seriously wrong with it, right? Not that we can see. The technology isn’t anything new from Tribit, and it’s pretty standard of a bluetooth speaker that you’d find 3 years ago. The price however is what’s unique, and with technology growing quickly, this bluetooth speaker does just the job.


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