The £18 Security Tool Used by Google Employees


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Ever dreamed about being employed at Google? Yeah, we have – I’ve made sure to tell everyone I work with that if they had the opportunity, don’t look back – chase your dreams!

yubico security key

In reality, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll work at their head office (sorry) but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the same tech they use and it turns out this comes in the form of an £18 security tool.

First highlighted on cybersecurity site Krebs on Security, one of Google’s standard issue security protocol is a two-factor authenticator from Yubico’s Yubikey available on Amazon for just £18.

This authentication key plugs into your USB outlet, and along with Universal 2nd Factor software on your computer, lets you login to your system with just a click of the button on the key’s face.

Google’s use of Yubico’s authenticator isn’t exactly fail-proof, but it tightens security a whole degree more than any password will or even their own multifactor login system (which sends you a text for verification).

Take a look at Yubico’s Yubikey on Amazon and update your security like a Google employee.

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