Suffer from Eye Strains? Meet the Vortix Eye Massager


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For the majority of us, it’s difficult to step away from the computer, put down the mobile phone and give our eyes a rest. Constantly massaging our temples after a long hard day.

Vortix Eye Massager 2.0

Now, we normally wouldn’t recommend attempting to fix this issue with technology, however the Vortix Eye Massager seems to do the trick.

Using gentle air pressure and heated massaging technology, the Vortix Eye Massager v2.0 relaxes the muscles in the eyes used to focus (ciliary muscles) whilst soothing built up fatigue. It looks like a high-tech VR system so you look less silly and more like you’re out of Tron.

Vortix Eye Massager 2

Perfect for travel, the Vortix Eye Massager folds up to store away and contains a rechargeable battery so you’ll be set for your next flight.

It’s good for:
– Relieving eye strain
– Dry eyes
– Sinus pressure
– Headaches
– Blood circulation (reducing puffy eyes and dark circles)
– FDA Approved

And it features in-built relaxing sounds of nature for extra comfort.

Now, the Vortix does come at a price. Coming in at $485.00 or £380, it’s a hefty price to pay for a device that gives your eyes a massage. So if you’re on a budget, we’d recommend the Samesay Breo iSee 3S Electric Eye Massager over on Amazon UK for £79.99.

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