Silence those Annoying Friends More Easily with this WhatsApp Update


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We’ve all come across it, being added to a group chat full of 20 guys/girls and it’s going off like there is no tomorrow. Messages left right and center when you’re having a chat with the boss about your poor performance. It’s annoying, aggravating and makes you want to quickly throw your phone out the window.

Whatsapp - Update News

WhatsApp has come with some updates that has made it easier for you to silence your friends – with the option to mute conversations, specific people and then just straight up block people. It’s a great way to be ‘unsociable’ and monitor who you want to receive messages from/talk to.

Now WhatsApp’s latest update will allow more control over who can say what in the group chat. If you’re an admin of a group chat you can now silence your friends/evil notifiers using a new ‘send messages’ feature which stops everyone in the group from sending messages aside from you.

When the group admin applies this setting as featured below, everyone in the group is notified with an “Only admins can send messages.” message and have their input chat removed.

Whatsapp Mute Friends

This new superpower can be enabled by downloading Whatsapp version 2.18.201 for Android or 2.18.70 for iOS.

The WhatsApp Beta menu describe the function;

“If you are a group administrator, you can enable this option to send important messages in the group without being interrupted by other messages, or you can decide to “close” the group at night to block any message, so the next morning there won’t be messages in the group.

‘If you are the group administrator and you shared the group invite link to third parties, you can also decide to close the group at night for blocking possible spam contacts that might join the group when you’re sleeping (absolutely normal if you have shared the group invite link on the Internet).”

Ah. Can you hear that? Pure bliss.

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