Seiko Change Up the Prospex with ‘Street Series’ Solar Divers


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The Prospex Solar Divers from Seiko have been widely sought after from professional divers. With its’ sleek facing design and bold handles, it is easily recognizable, and at a price start from just £275, the style can be found on many a watch lovers wrist. It’s successfully gained the title of the ‘tuna can’ of the watch world.

Despite the Japenese company having developed such a well-sought diver’s watch; they’ve taken an interesting new step into design; taking the Prospex to the streets.

Seiko Prospex Street Series

Inspired by the rugged qualities of the iconic Seiko diver’s watch and designed for the urban adventurer.

Seiko Prospex Street Series Dive Watches

The new line of Seiko Prospex features a total of three watches with the usual solar-powered movements. Coming in three colour options; camo green, grey and blue, the range features Seiko’s signature bezel shroud.

The watches look kind of edgy, the bezel blends in with the watch face and is not too striking unlike some of the ‘pepsi style’ Prospex. The matching silicone straps support the overall theme of the watch nicely; an urban twist on what is considered a diver’s watch.

In regards to specs you can find the watches have a 10-month power reserve once fully charged, a one-way rotating elapsed timing bezel and LumiBrite hands and markers for checking the time in the dark. For just below £350 it’s a great way to dive into the brand for the everyday commuter.


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