Say Hi to Salto-1P the Jumping Robot


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This tiny robot named Salto-1P, is a jumping machine with a lot of power. Created by UC Berkeley’s Biomimetic Millisystems Lab, this adorable robot is the tiniest and most agile robot you’ve probably seen.

SALTO-1P Jumping Robot

Using rotor-based thrusters and an incredibly bouncy leg mechanism, Salto resembles a grasshopper who’s had too many fizzy drinks.

Salto stands for ‘Saltatorial Locomotion on Terrain Obstacles’ with the word ‘saltatorial’ referring to animals with the ability to leap. With the robot mimicking abilities of a kangaroo and grasshopper, the name fits well.

Take a look at the video above to see it in action. This tiny robot packs a lot of power in one small leg and can jump up to 1.25 meters high with a leg size of 5.5 inches long.

Despite being able to jump with such accuracy, Salto-1p has a habit of self-destructing, destroying itself as it jumps. Maybe not the smartest robot, but I’d sign it up to the Olympics any day of the week.

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