RICH BIT RT 730 Electric Bike Review


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Cycling is slowly becoming the modern day driving. With the heavy traffic jams in the morning and in the evening across major cities in the world, bike commuting is becoming an alternative to driving. In fact, major cities are planning to expand bike lanes to accommodate more bicycles to ease the traffic jam. Conversely, while the attitude toward bike commuting is changing, the bicycle technology is also undergoing a revolution.

The kind of bike that you choose for your daily commuting to and from work will play a significant role in the experience you get. ¬†One of the primary reasons you need an electric bike is efficiency in both cost and timing. However, do not settle for any bike just because its electric, it’s important to invest in one that’s efficient and assists your riding. Could the RICH BIT RT 730 Electric Bike fit this role?

Key features of RICH BIT RT 730 Electric Bike

With an inbuilt electric motor for propulsion; some people get it done by just peddling, whereas others just hit the throttle to get going. Making use of the three cycle modes, you can either; keep the power off for a natural cycle, enjoy pedal assist, or place it in full throttle for maximum speed and power.

The bike is powered by 48V *8AH lithium-ion batteries built into the bike’s frame, which are invisible from a distance thanks to the smart design features. It’s incredible how sleek the bike looks despite the in-built battery with a lot of electric bikes looking bulky and protruding. When the battery is fully charged, it allows you to go for around 50 kilometers, enough for those tricky hills. If you aren’t a huge fan of it or are going for a long cycle, the battery can hold power for up to seven hours while in use, so be sure to store it for when you need it.

The front and back suspensions give the rider an exciting experience whilst keeping you comfortable on tough terrain. The RICH BIT RT 730 has 7-speed features that allow the rider to travel at a speed of 15 miles per hour whilst the speed-changing function makes the bike even more safe to ride because you are in full control.

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