Rich Bit 022 – The Electric Mountain Bike To Get Excited About


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Rich Bit UK have been working with Rich Bit since February 2018 to create functional and efficient electric bikes for biking fanatics. With the Rich Bit RT 730 proving much success in the folding bike community, mountain bikers now have something to get excited about.

Rich Bit 022 Fat Tyre E Bike

Rich Bit Mountain Bike

The Rich Bit 022 is an electric mountain bike that boasts fat tires, a powerful 1000w 17 AH LG Lithium battery and Alloy Aluminum frame. Thanks to the lightweight material and powerful battery, you can expect to reach assisted distances of 55-60km on a single charge.

The 022 Features

When first looking at the bike, the first thing you’ll notice are the incredibly fat tyres sitting on both the front fork and rear. These ChaoYang tyres are 4 inches fat and 26 inches in diameter, approximately twice as fat as your standard British Eagle mountain bike tyres.

Ideal for off-road terrain, these wheels will conquer mud, rocks and snow without issue. Turning just an electric mountain bike into a ‘fat bike’ with the power of 1000 watts, this machine carries you in the worst of environments.

Helping out are the Shimano TX50 21-speed shifters which provide accurate light action easy gear changes without fuss.

Rich Bit Fat Bike Yellow Black 022 EBike

The bike’s design is stylish and modern. With a choice of four colour options; green/black, yellow/black, orange/white, blue/white, it’s not just the fat tyres that make the Rich Bit 022 stand out. Our favourite has to be the yellow and black design, with the striking electric yellow resembling much like a mustang. Built for rugged speed.

The Rich Bit Mountain Ebike with Fat Tires aren’t available until November, but you can pre-order your bike over on

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