Mystic Drone is Like Your Own Personal Videographer / Photographer


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If you’re into your drones then you probably have the consensus that DJI has dominated the drone market these past few years – with great quality, ease of functionality and overall good flying performance. However AI has been pretty lacklustre with a lot of drones and there seems to be a solution from Mystic Drone that we welcome with open hands.

Mystic Drone AI Powered

Say hello to Mystic the ‘most advanced AI powered drone’ from Airlango that’s currently three times over its Kickstarter goal. With an aim to take on DJI, the Mystic includes features that blow the idea of drone flying out of the water;

  • Autonomous Flight
  • 3D Tracking
  • Intelligent Object Recognition
  • Gesture interaction


The Mystic is designed to give the ultimate aerial video and photography experience, creating breathtaking imagery without the need to learn complicated film techniques.

The Mystic along with 3D tracking and autonomous flight allows for it to follow you seamlessly whilst avoiding objects – similar to what is used in self-driving cars.

If that ‘don’t impress you much’ – you can use your moves and hand gestures to control the drone mid-flight allowing for up to 6 gestures. Want the drone to move in-front of you? Put your hand in the air.

With its 4k ultra high definition video recording at 30 FPS, you can record stunning visuals and the ‘safari’ feature can be used telling the drone to look for areas of interest worth filming – perfect for cinematic shots.

You can fund the project over on their GoFund Me page:


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