Meet the Fidget Spinner for Your Feet


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We all have one colleague in the office who consistently jigs their legs, shakes their feet and won’t just sit still. So this fidget spinner for your feet is the perfect way to keep them or yourself, at ease.

Officiser Fidget Spinner

Officiser FR by CTL lets you control your jig under your desk with different movements for your feet. You can treat it like a skateboard and use the skateboard balancing tool with multi-ankle pivoting, or you can glide up and down with the two separate pedals. It allows for a whole range of movements depending on what you prefer with cycling, jogging and skateboarding completely different from one another.

“Reload energy. Release freedom. Relieve stress. with Officiser FR Passionate about Walking? Running? Cycling? Skateboarding? Fidgeting… or all of the above, Moving?”

It’s a cool design right? And we all have one person that we work with who would be perfect for it.

The Officiser is currently on Indie GoGo with $7,000 raised out of $10,000 and once it reaches its target it can be yours for $86 (£66).

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