Meet the Macbook Pro Rival – The Matebook X Pro


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Yes we are totally serious, and no we are not making a pun. The Matebook X Pro is the latest laptop by Huawei which aims to battle the laptop leading competitor.

At first glance, the Matebook X Pro looks like a copy of the Macbook and in a lot of cases this could be considered true. When it was first announced at Mobile World Congress 2018, the audience were excited & enthusiastic for its launch – but does it live up to be what the Macbook is or could be?

Huawei Matebook x PRO

We do indeed think so.

Delivering the most luxurious and high-performing laptop from Huawei, this piece of tech comes in at £1130.00 for the Intel Core i7 version and features a 13.9-inch 3K LTPS touchscreen with R-ready NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics. Saving yourself approx £1000 over the Macbook Pro.

The NVIDEA graphics card ensures you have an easy time playing Spotify, watching a movie on Netflix and scrolling through your favourite vloggers on Youtube. A couple testers have played a video game or two on this laptop and can vouch it does a pretty good job for such a small unit.

This is a slim-line laptop that’s lighter than the Macbook Air (1.33kg in comparison to 1.35kg) and will make you look twice at your local computer store. Carrying the Matebook around, the slimline design fits nicely in one hand when you’re running around, and fits nicely into your backpack – and despite all this mobile-ease the laptop is not shy of battery with 15 hours of use per charge. Crikey.

Huawei Matebook x PRO Keypad

Moving onto the hardware, Microsoft has worked the interface well with a full back-lit keyboard and Microsoft’s Precision Touchpad technology to ensure easy-typing on the go with browsing accuracy.

Missing the headphone jack from your Macbook? Don’t worry, the Matebook has a standard 3.5mm jack for all your audio pleasure.

Huawei Matebook x PRO Laptop Review

With all these features packed into Huwaei’s Matebook Pro, it does have its downside – there is no fan. That means very little cool-down which, at this point, doesn’t prove to be too much of an issue, but after a while of use may be a vital missing ingredient to ensure a long-lasting laptop stays with you for a long time.

So would we recommend the Matebook Pro? 100% Yes – take a look for yourself here.

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