Kozmophone: The Retro But Modern ‘Gramophone’


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We get it, you love being retro. You’ve got yourself a few vinyl records and after work you head up to your bedroom and play some ‘tracks’.  The Kozmophone is Arcateliers answer to your question; “How can I be even more hip?”.


The Kozmophone is Thomas Edison’s gramophone thrown into the modern age with a wireless charger, holographic display and bluetooth input. Pretty cool for a throwback right? Raising 5 times the amount needed on Kickstarter and Indie GoGo, the product has been going viral due to it’s classic shape and tons of features.

The Kozmophone includes:

– 360 degrees speaker rotation

– External audio compatibility

– Portable speaker with bluetooth connection

– Wireless charging

– Hologram display

– Ambient lighting

The fact that the Kozmophone can break apart into a bluetooth speaker that you can take on the go, makes it such a unique product that audio tech lovers will enjoy.

Fancy charging your phone whilst you play? No worries, the wireless charging featured on the top of the Kozmophone is quick and easy. Just place your phone on top and keep the tunes playing.

Check out the product over on Indie GoGo

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