Get REWARDED for wearing Tommy Hilfiger Clothes with Bluetooth Chip


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When it comes to wearable technology, 2018 has seen us all over smart watches with the Apple watch & the Tag Heuer Connected – but what does the future of wearable technology look like? Well the clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger seems to have an idea..

Tommy Hilfiger Xplore Tracking

Incorporating a bluetooth chip into their upcoming range of clothing, Xplore, Tommy Hilfiger wants to track how many times you wear their clothing and where. The more you wear Tommy, the more likely you’ll receive a reward.

The reward system is a step by Tommy to create a community of ‘brand ambassadors’ who will essentially be rewarded for wearing their clothing. In-line with influencer marketing, it sparks a new and potentially controversial way of marketing to the public.

How does it work?

The Xplore collection has a “smart tag” that bluetooth connects to your phone. Your activity is monitored through your Tommy Hilfiger app which will track how many times you wear the range and where. Rewards include signed merchandise, old items of clothing from its archives, or gift cards.

The bluetooth chip can be turned off at any time if you like the range but don’t quite like the tracking.

The app will set challenges which get users to compete against others as well as a mini-game which sets you the task of finding Tommy branded icons around a map.

It seems like a great way of getting yourself some freebies if you don’t mind wearing the same top five days in a row, but if you’re an advocate on the war on data then Xplore might not be for you!

Currently only available in the US.

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