Garmin Dash Cam 65W Review


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Crazy drivers wreak havoc on the roads; you cannot drive for long without coming across a driver violating traffic codes intentionally. To curb the issue of careless driving, some countries like Russia are making it mandatory for all motors to be fitted with dash cams to capture activities on the roads.

Garmin Dashcam 65w review

The main advantage of having a dash cam is that it makes it easier for the insurance company to compensate you in case you were involved in an accident. However, not all dash cams function perfectly to capture those crucial moments in which you have to make a claim or call the police.

In this case, it’s worth investing into a more technically-capable dash cam, such as the Garmin Dash Cam 65W. Acting as your secret eyes on the road, the Garmin Dash Cam 65W is an advanced car accessory that will put your mind at ease on the road.


Key features

Security is a key feature to consider in any Dash Cam you are planning to install. The Garmin Dash Cam does not disappoint; it gives you excellent security experience. Dash Cam 65W comes with plenty of customized extras beyond the mere recording. This Cam if fitted with a G-sensor, a feature that saves the footage of an accident automatically. The Cam saves the GPS data storing coordinates the speed of your vehicle, date and time as well as the direction of the travel for future reference.

Garmin Dashcam 65W

Another essential feature is the lane departure and collision warnings that cautions of an impending accident because of your driving behavior thus saves you from causing an accident instead of just recording the happening of an accident.

Besides, Garmin Dash Cam 65W is fitted with a “go” feature that keeps a real-time check on the traffic and lets you know when it is safe to move.

With Gamin Dash Cam, you have an option for Cyclops subscription adds, speed camera alert as well as red light alerts. This means that, when you are driving at supersonic speed, the camera will alert you of the impending danger.



Garmin Dash Cam 65W is easier to mount in your car, you get a pair in the box, and they clips magnetically on the position you want to fit them. The in-built battery functions for less than 10 minutes of recording. Therefore, you need to plug it in the power socket probably 12v. The length of the power cable is more than you need but it helps you to fit the camera in any position you want.

Garmin Dash Dam has optional accessory kit that keeps the camera active even without the ignition running. This tool enables the camera to record any movement; you don’t have to worry about leaving your car parked somewhere because you can review the footage to see who came into contact with your car.


Image quality and usability

The angle of the camera lens is 180-degree hence gives you a broader view of the traffic even in the opposite direction. The 2.1MP sensor record 1080p footage thus enabling you to capture 3D pictures and records. It also makes it easier to read number plates in front and traffic lights. Besides, the camera has an inbuilt Wi-Fi that enables you to sync downloaded videos to your smartphone wirelessly.

The four handy buttons found on the side of the camera lets you flip between different footages. The camera also gives you a hand free option; you just have to shout “OK Garmin” then it gives you the available options for hands-free.



Garmin Dash Cam is plenty of customized features that make your driving experience more fun. It goes deep into safety and captures clean records to ensure you have credible evidence in case of an accident. These are just a few from the many features that Garmin Dash Cam provides you as a driver. This car essential gives you peace of mind by having the entire elements functioning correctly. Its small size, easy installation, and customized security features keep you safe on the roads.

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