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You’ve probably been waiting long enough – the new DJI Mavic 2 Pro has officially landed alongside the Mavic 2 Zoom. Both advancements in the drone world with significant improved features.

The models at first glance are seemingly identical. Both feature omnidirectional obstacle sensoring, up to 31 minute flight time and up to 8km of 1080p video transmission.

Despite these similarities, the drones feature slightly different cameras suitable for alternate purposes.

DJI Mavic Pro 2

DJI Mavic Pro 2

With similar flight functionality as the Zoom, the Mavic Pro 2 has a camera that makes all the difference.

Featuring a 20 MP 1″ CMOS Sensor, the camera is square in design due to the large image sensor within. It also features adjustable aperture (f/2.8 to f/11) perfect for different lighting, as well as a 10-bit Dlog-M colour profile for crystal clear imaging. The fixed lens

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DJI Mavic Zoom

DJI Mavic Zoom

The DJI Mavic Zoom sets itself apart with its zoom capabilities, hence the name. The zoom lens of this DJI provides 24mm equivalent field of view at the wide end and 48mm at the narrow end of the zoom range (2X crop) – great for picking up landscape details or taking a closer look.

The camera shoots at 12 MP with a 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor. Fancy a photo? The 48 MP super resolution can capture amazing landscape and city scape images at the click of a button.

The DJI Mavic Zoom is the first consumer drone that shoots 4K video with an optical zoom.

How do they compare to the DJI Mavic Air?

The DJI Mavic Pro 2 and DJI Mavic Zoom are slightly pricier (£1299 for the Pro and £1099 for the Zoom), however offer advanced features.

DJI Mavic Air

Both drones offer 10 minutes longer flight time than the air whilst making significantly less noise. The drones also offer omnidirectional obstacle sensoring, far superior than the Air’s FlightAutonomy 2.0, which senses objects on all sides of the drone.

The pro includes Hasselblad image quality which is superior than the Air’s, playing back 4K videos on your television in true colour.

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