Brew Your Coffee On The Go With This £30 Bottle From Soma


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If you’re sick and tired of rushing out the house in the morning forgetting your coffee in your thermacup, or you’re tired of spending £3.50 for a flat latte that’s well, flat..then perhaps you need this genius coffee brewer from Soma.

Soma Brew Bottle

Yes, as you an see it’s indeed a bottle. Containing a stainless-steel filter, a flip top lid and Double-wall borosilicate 12 oz glass bottle, you can take your morning routine with you and brew your coffee on the go.

The Soma Brew Bottle won Best New Product at the Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) expo in Seattle & has only just recently been made available to buy online.

The three options for a great drinking experience:

1. For your regular coffee, just pour boiling water over ground coffee, put the lid on and off you go.

2. Cold brew? Scoop in the coffee grounds, pour in water, and place in the fridge overnight.

3. Not a coffee fan? Make freshly brewed tea with hot water over your favorite loose leaf tea.

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