The Amazon Fire HD 8 Makes the Echo Spot Irrelevant


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Amazon has just released the Amazon Fire HD 8. It’s a £79.99 full HD tablet that’s in-built with Alexa, which makes your Echo Spot go to waste.

Amazon Fire HD 8

The Amazon Fire HD 8 is Amazon’s latest release of their well-known Fire range. Following the initial release of the tablet fire in 2011, this upgrade is packed with 16GB/32GB of storage, a full HD 8-inch screen, a quad-core processor and a 720p front-facing camera. For a price tag of just £79.99, it’s one of Amazon’s best value for money deals.

You’ll be able to enjoy 10-hours of battery life, allowing you to enjoy what you would usually expect from a tablet. With games, web browsing, movies and eBooks, you’ll never find a boring moment.

Amazon Fire HD 8

So how does it affect the Echo Spot?

The Amazon Fire HD 8 now features show mode.

Amazon has been bringing Alexa to its devices and expanding Alexa-supported devices at an astounding rate. Alexa is taking over. If you own an Amazon Fire Stick already, you know you can enjoy the same features as an Amazon Echo, despite offering Prime movie features.

The Echo Spot is the visual form of Alexa, allowing you to do all you would on your echo, but with visuals. This includes a clock, weather application, face-to-face video and music. It’s a useful device that you might have sat next to your bed, that you’ll end up just using as an alarm clock. The price tag? £119.99. It’s a steep price for a piece of tech that looks slightly awkward to carry and doesn’t provide all the features you would want.

Show mode allows you to turn your Amazon tablet into a display for recipes, the weather, song lyrics and more. Exactly the same as the Spot & Show. With the upcoming £39.99 official show dock, you’ll be able to do everything the Amazon Show and Spot can do, but with the features of a tablet.

Sat currently at £40 more than the tablet, and with less features, you have to ask why not just save money and buy an Amazon Fire HD 8? A device which can do what the Echo Spot can and for £40 less is a double-edged winner.

What happens to the Amazon Echo Spot?

Amazon Echo Spot

The Echo Spot is a smart-assistant with a screen, and for a lot of people the extra price tag won’t bother them. It’s enjoyable to be able to have visuals to the echo show, and customizing a tablet to work like an echo show might just seem inefficient.

We’ve already seen the Amazon Show go out of stock. With no word of when it will be back in, it provides Amazon with a bit of a concern for the spot’s bigger brother.

The Amazon Fire HD is one of the best-selling tablets on the market, and the first to be released after the Echo Spot. We’ve already seen staggering price-cuts for the show in recent months and we expect that the price tag will drop more consistently as the Fire HD 8 makes a name for itself in the market.

Will the Echo Spot cease in sales? Probably not, but we should expect the price to drop.

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