A Duffle Bag & BackPack Packed Full of Anti-Theft Features


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We’ve come to live in a society where security trumps all, whether it be your belongings, identification or personal information, there is very little trust when it comes to others.

FlexPack | The Best Functional Anti-theft Duffle & BackPack

With airport security becoming tighter & more regulated, our suitcases have too – but what about our other bags? Not all of us want to travel with a 30lb suitcase and a duffle bag is a popular choice for those small trips, but these aren’t always secure.

The guys over at Korin Design aim to solve that problem by creating the FlexPack Go, FlexPack Air and FlexPack Pro.

After initially releasing the anti-theft backpack, the ClickPack Pro, with huge success on Kickstarter last year – it’s time for a few new innovations.


The FlexPack Go

The FlexPack Go is a duffle bag built as a collapsible structure with triple anti-theft security features, a retractable steel wire lock, easy-charging technology & a ‘scientifically engineered’ storage system..whatever that means.

From the outside the duffle bag is minimalist in design, but is packed full of secure technology.

FlexPack Go by Korin


FlexPack Air

What seems to be an accessory for the FlexPack Go, the Air is a small carry-bag that allows you to store your collapsed duffle into a slim design.

FlexPack Air


FlexPack Pro

If the duffle bag is not your style, then this backpack features all that the duffle bag has to offer in a smaller and well, for the back style, design.

Easy for packing away your electronics with its’ maximized & engineered storage space, the FlexPack Pro backpack is perfect for commuting and work trips. It’s also packed with a two directional zipper, insulated pouch, water resistant fabric & a magnetic chest strap.

FlexPack Pro Backpack


You can help fund the anti-theft duffle bag & backpack design over on their KickStarter or you can purchase their ClickPack Pro over on their website.


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