This £885 Watch Bracelet Isn’t Actually a Watch


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The wristwatch is a popular accessory with the majority of us owning at least one, or maybe even a whole collection. To a lot of us it’s a fashion statement, a masterpiece of engineering or just something that we have to keep the time ticking. But hang on a second, what’s this? A ‘watch bracelet’?

The guys at Ambush are selling a watch bracelet that just simply looks like a watch. Yes, we know what you’re thinking, and we agree. Resembling some form of Casio or similar, the Ambush Watch Bracelet is made from silver toned metal and has been designed as part of the brands’ ‘quirky’ jewellery line.

With fans such as Kanye West and Lady Gaga, the husband and wife team behind the brand also make designs such as a lighter holder for £80.

Ambush Lighter Case

The price for one of these watch bracelets is £885. A steep price for a watch that, doesn’t actually tell the time at all. Although it might just hit the taste buds of a lot of fashion influencers, we think it resembles those watch sweets you got in the tuck shop when you were a kid.

Sorry guys! If you do fancy getting yourself one though for Christmas, you can SHOP VIA FARFETCH

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