The England Shirts You Need to Celebrate The World Cup In Style


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It’s coming home. I would say that you’ve heard it here first but, the internet is pretty much plastered in football memes and videos of people dancing in the streets after the Colombia game. Rightly so.

England World Cup Top - Its Coming Home

You’ve got it all planned out this Saturday; the location is decided, you’ve got all the crates of beer you need & you’ve found a TV big enough to fit a museum – but what are you wearing?

The only way now to show your support is by picking up an England top if you haven’t already and the guys over at 3Retro have you covered. With a wide selection of vintage shirts, jackets and tops for you to choose from, you’ll be heading back to 98′ and singing Three Lions in fashion.

The site has the England 1998 Football Shirt for just £30 and the 1966 Final No6 Retro Shirt for £25 to pick a couple out of the many.

Its Coming Home - England World Cup Style

Our favourite has to be the No6 Retro Shirt simply because it’s harder to stain than white (beers flowing) & it’s brightly coloured so you can stand out when you’re prancing in the streets during the Quarter Final victory.

If you’re not an England fan, well then there’s always plenty of other options with a range of teams from the Rangers to Derby County. A choice of top for everyone.

Will you be watching the game?

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