The Best Cheap Watch Straps You Should Own


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It is no good having a quality built watch case sitting on a cheap and poorly made watch strap. Your watch is your investment, it speaks volume about yourself, but not everyone can invest in an expensive strap for their timepiece.

Cheap Watch Strap Leather NATO Rubber

Finding the best cheap watch straps can be tricky, with a whole tirade of NATO, leather and rubber straps surfing the internet. But there are quality built straps by reputable brands online, and you shouldn’t shy away from saving a bit of money if you can still get the quality.

Every individual has their own favourite type of strap, so let’s narrow down to the best for each style.


Berfine Calf Leather Watch Strap

Berfine 20mm Dark Brown Calf Leather Watch Band

If you’re the fan of a classic leather strap, then the Berfine Calf Leather is an affordable option that fits the majority of watch sizes ranging from 18mm to 22mm. Made of extra soft genuine leather and heavy stainless steel buckle, this watch strap is soft, flexible and comfortable. It won’t cost you an arm or a leg either (or even a wrist). If dark brown leather isn’t your style then you can grab it in black or brown.

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Autulet NATO Watch Strap

Autulet Cheap Watch Straps Nato

With a total of 18 different colour options at an affordable price, these Autulet NATO straps allow you to customize your wrist piece at an affordable price. The silver flat buckle with four rings allows for easy adjustment on the wrist, whilst the quality of nylon used in the band is stylish, sporty and of high quality.

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Vinband Silicone Watch Strap

Vinband Silicone Watch Strap

If you’d rather go with a comfortable rubber, then Vinband do a great range of silicone watch bands spanning over 9 stylish colours. With a choice of four sizes from 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm – they’re extremely easy to remove and attach on. Each band is made from super soft tensile silicone which comes with a high quality brushed stainless steel buckle.

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Autulet Brushed Metal Watch

Autulet Brushed Metal Watch Strap

We’re going back to the guys at Autulet for the lovers of metal watch straps. This silver metal watch band ranges from size 18mm to 24mm depending on your watch size. The strap itself is crafted from hypo allergic stainless steel with noticeable quality craftsmanship. You won’t find any sharp edges unlike cheaper metal watches. The strap is waterproof with links made of stainless steel to fortify the quality. A great purchase at an incredibly affordable price.

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