The 5 Best Fragrances for Men on a Date


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Finding the best fragrance that leaves a powerful first expression can be a daunting experience especially for beginners. Numerous research studies have shown that most women rate a man’s scent as the number one factor when selecting a potential partner, therefore choosing a great fragrance is equally important in a date.

Whether you are looking for a casual everyday fragrance or something to add an element of attraction on your next date, it is important to note that while some fragrances can be alluring, others can offend, irritate allergies, or annoy people. However, with our list below of the five best fragrances for men, you certainly won’t stress in your next fragrance shopping.


  1. Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum

Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum

Top of our list is the Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum with a fragrance that leaves the feeling of the essence and anticipation of London at nighttime. The fragrance provides a warm, sensual and woody scent. The masculine sensation is further enhanced with fresh and aromatic top notes of tarragon and comforting, spicy cinnamon. The bottle design symbolizing the black Heritage trench coat represents manliness along whilst conveying the sensuality and warmth of the scent.

The subtle but consistent masculine scent has received extraordinary reviews from ladies making it a must-have for men loving the woody fragrance. Mr. Burberry retail price ranges from $80.00-$99.00.


  1. Ted Baker Tonic-Cu (Copper)men’s Eau de Toilette

Ted Baker Tonic-Cu

Ted’s Baker rare fragrance is perfect for trendy men to complement their fashion on an evening out with friends or a night date. This charged fragrance has been devised to bring about the feeling of intense positivity along with a sense of brightness that can cheer up any dull moment. The fragrance is formulated with a blend of grapefruit, fresh aquatic, warm pepper and cedarwood to provide a puzzling scent. Price goes for forty euros in the UK. Cons for this fragrance is that it may be too intense for some eliciting allergic reactions.


  1. Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Jaune Optimistic Eau de Toilette

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Jaune

The Eau de Lacoste Jaune fragrance is inspired by the feeling by the disposition before a game of tennis played on a bright sunny morning. The fragrance is uplifting, motivating and full of positive energy thanks to a blend of aromatic fruity grapefruit and delicious golden cypress. This fragrance can match your wear to a night out for dinner or a refreshing cocktail with friends. The scent lasts for ages and you would certainly won’t go wrong with this fresh, powerful yet subtle muscular scent.

  1. Issey Miyake L’Eau Majeure d’Issey

Issey Miyake L’Eau Majeure d’Issey

Formulated from water with elicitation of a salty wood, Issey Miyake represents a potent symbol of strength and movement. The fragrance is refreshing thanks to top notes of citrus cocktail of bergamot and grapefruit which perfectly blends into base notes of woody complex providing an Aromatic Aquatic fragrance. The scent is perfect for all occasions however the fragrance may be short lasting. The price goes for 44 euros for 50ml.


  1. Loewe Solo Loewe Eau De Toilette

Loewe Solo Loewe Eau De Toilette

We conclude our list with the endless yet fresh fragrance of Loewe Solo Loewe. The scent is formulated from distinct accords of aromatic notes blended in perfect counterpoint. While the fragrance can be lasting, it can easily be changed depending on the natural smell of your skin or the stress level. The price goes for 63.5 euros depending on various shopping platforms.

In conclusion, it may be frustrating to put on a fragrance only for it to disappear before stepping out for the day. However, to avoid such frustrations, you must be very specific while shopping for the perfect fragrance by differentiating between Eau de Parfum which lasts longer and Eau de Toilette which lasts for a shorter time. In essence, the list above highlights some of the perfect fragrances available in the market today.















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