Pick Up Your New Driving Shoes from Piloti & James Hunt


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Celebrating one of the most iconic racers in motorsport history, Piloti and the Estate of James Hunt have teamed up to bring fresh designs to honour the characters bold character and fast lifestyle.

James Hunt x Piloti Driving Shoes

If you’re not all too familiar with who James Hunt was, he won the Formula One World Championship in 1976 and was loved for living life to the fullest at high speed. After retiring from racing in 1979, he then moved onto working alongside Murray Walker on BBC television’s Formula One coverage.

Old friend and rival Niki Lauda, described James Hunt: “For me, James was the most charismatic personality who’s ever been in Formula One.”

James Hunt Driving Shoes Piloti

2018 has brought the racing shoe brand and James Hunt together with his signature racing colours in a limited edition collection.

The range consists of the JH-76 Italian leather loafers which an embossed union jacket and racing red at the sole which bring a pop to your footwear. If the loafers aren’t your forte, then the JH-11 limited edition sneakers offer a twist on the traditional footwear.

From July 1st to July 31st, you can pick up the James Hunt collection over at Selfridges in Oxford Street or Online with prices ranging from £149 to £319.


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