Han Solo’s Jacket Is Going On Auction for £1 million


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You’ve either come to read more because you’re a keen Star Wars fan who wants their hands on a Han Solo Jacket, or the £1 million price has left you with your jaw on the floor.

Han Solo Jacket Star Wars Auction

The jacket worn by Harrison Ford during his role as Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back is going on auction next month over on Prop Store. Expected to fetch up to a staggering £1 million, the prop is actually something that you might wear, if you weren’t afraid of ripping it on your next bar crawl.

Made from a cotton-wool blend, the jacket was designed by Academy Award®-winning costume designer John Mollo. With a classic mandarin collar, faux-pocket on the left arm, shoulder panel detailing and visible stitched detailing at the upper arm, elbow and cuffs.

Han Solo Empire Strikes Back

It’s safe to say that the golden winner will probably keep it on display locked away, but the stylish jacket isn’t the only thing that can be scooped up on the movie collection site. The ‘Miniature Helmets Crew Gift‘ offered to a cast in Rogue One is live in auction from £800-£1200, whilst some peculiar Ewok prosthetics has just been sold.

If you fancy looking like Han Solo, then be sure to bid at auction.

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