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If you find yourself around Soho and you’re in need of a new haircut or a good ol’ trim – Ted’s Grooming Room is a good place to start.

Ted's Grooming Room

I’ve been needing a haircut for a while now, it always seems to fluff out on the sides and look untidy.

When your hair isn’t quite looking how you want it to, it can be a massive knock of confidence. You find yourself constantly looking in the mirror, applying different products to fix the issue and then just shoving a hat on before you go out.

For some of us, we’ll already have a barber and that’s one we refuse to go without. But if you find yourself looking for a new one in the London area, Ted’s Grooming Room might just be the place for you.

Ted's Grooming Room Chair

I had the great opportunity of heading down to the Soho location on Berwick Street, just off the side from Tottenham Court Road station.

Ted’s Grooming Room is infused with traditional Turkish barbering. With over 10 locations, finding one is hard to miss and with plenty of seats inside, you can treat yourself to a walk in session.

A full Ted service will set you back £54.00 – A big step for a lot of guys who enjoy the £15 trim, but the service that Ted provide is one that’ll always want to go back to. You’ll be smothered in hot towels, splashed with astringent lemon cologne and given a full face & arm massage. Getting a haircut should be an experience in which it not only improves your hairstyle, but it brings back your confidence.

Ted's Grooming Room Guy

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