Amazon Prime Wardrobe has Officially Launched


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Amazon US has taken another step in taking over the sector eCommerce industry with Amazon Prime Wardrobe, and it could well be one of the easiest ways of shopping for clothes online.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe

With an insane amount of designer and high street clothes stocked on the site, including casual-wear, sunglasses, activewear & necklaces, Amazon US has kicked off with a huge choice for shoppers.

Prime Wardrobe works on an exciting and innovative ‘Try Before You Buy” system in which you can order clothes, try them on at home & choose after 7 days whether or not you want to purchase or send them back (this is required). A maximum of three to eight items can be tried on at a time and unfortunately the shipping isn’t standard Prime speed, with an option for 4 to 6 days to cut down on the boxes being sent out.

Hopefully we’ll see the Amazon Prime Wardrobe come to the UK very soon.

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