A Watch Made from Recycled Firearms


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If you’re a watch fanatic like myself, then you’ll know all about your Rolexes, Omegas & Tag Heuers’. With these iconic brands holding a strong place in the industry for many generations, a lot of brands have tried to take their hold & position in the market. This can be seen particularly with the MVMTs & Daniel Wellingtons.

Despite the unique and fashionable new watch brands appearing around the world, none do it quite like Triwa who have made their watches out of recycled firearms.

Triwa Watches

With an aim to help end gun violence, the Scandinavian watch brand, Triwa, collaborated with the Humanium Metal Initiative to create a new range of watches crafted from deconstructed illegal firearms.

Each watch from the collection is made from deconstructing guns that are taken from towns/cities with high-gun crime & melted down into bars which are then refined and moulded.

Triwa Watches - Humanium Metal

The watch is covered in symbolic references, including the Humanium Metal logo on the case, the fiery red second hand, and the embossed indexes on the dial.

There’s currently two options to choose from, 39mm or 34mm (39mm for the individuals who love a larger face) and you can choose these with either a vertically brushed dark grey dial or a light steel dial. You can also customise it with plenty of straps.

Although the range isn’t currently out yet, you can back it over on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/725375928/swedish-designed-watch-made-from-destructed-illega?ref=516482&token=21b777e6

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